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Our CP24-V Super Tweeter with an attractive reinforced aluminum frame has a high frequency response of up to 22,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 107dB / w / m. The CP24-V can contrast efficiently with any professional speaker system, providing superb clarity and brightness.

Its ergonomic design allows agility to adapt assembly and use the smallest spaces. So, with this Super Tweeter you will have efficiency and beauty applied to your audio installations.




- 1.75'' Titanium Super Tweeter
- Sensitivity: 107dB/w/m
- Die Cast Aluminum Frame
- Crossover Capacitor Included
- 400 Watts Max. / 4~8
- 4.5'' Diameter/2 1/4'' Mounting Depth
- Freq. Resp.: 3000-22,000 Hz

CP24-V | 1.75'' 400W MAX. | 4~8Ω

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